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What Bra Size Am I Really???


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Well guys this is an age old problem and goes from generation to generation. Even though it is the most important part of a woman’s dress we still struggle to get our bra size correct. The answer to this age old problem has been studied and better studied in great detail for years and still we don’t seem to be able to get it quite right.

Many women don’t even realise that they may be wearing the wrong size bra. They hardly notice and have got used to the tight under-band that digs into them and the red shoulder strap marks that they end up with, not to mention being permanently uncomfortable!!  These are all tell-tale signs that your bra is not the right size for you.

Let me make it easier for you and also explain the real problems.
We first have to think about our bodies how they change at different times i.e. Pregnancy, dieting, maybe putting on a little weight – all of these times when our body changes our bust also changes so although you may have been for example 34C for ever nearly, if you have lost/gained weight your bust most likely has gone down or up like the rest of you. Your bust is not the same size all of your life, through your life it can change a little or a lot depending on the rest of you. If you have had a baby the change in your bust size and shape can be quite dramatic.
When we have lost/gained weight we can tell by how our clothes fit us and when it is too tight/slack we think to ourselves we have changed size so we need to get clothes to suit. But sometimes we don’t always realise that our bust has also changed.

I need to say at this point please don’t worry, believe it or not, it is a fact that 80% of women actually wear the wrong size bra!!

It is possible to be measured in a shop as 34C and the Assistant bring you 3 different bras but none of them fit! Why? “They are all 34C” I hear you say!!  However bras come in all shapes and the shape may not be suitable for you! So it is very much trial and error as to which shape suits your body and your bust.

There is also another reason why 34C fits in one shop but unfortunately not in another and that is because brands differ in size too. Some brands are made on the smaller side and others give you that little bit more room.

The following are handy pointers to ensure that your bra is a good fit:
Trying on your bra so that it gives maximum support and is comfortable
Lean over from the waist and allow your breasts to fall naturally into each cup of the bra
Gently straighten up and place the wire into the crease in the middle of your breasts then fasten on the first hook at the back
Adjust the shoulder straps to the correct length that gives you most comfort -remember the most support should come from the bra band – the straps are there to secure the bra in place.
This should ensure that your bra is the correct size and gives you the correct support and comfort.
Does your bra fit snuggly? – The 6 Point Test and Solutions
Back band riding up at the back?
Try a smaller band as the band is too large and not supporting your breasts (test the tightness of the band by putting two fingers under it, it should be quite tight and when you pull gently from the closure of the bra at the back it should stretch no more than ½ inch)
Solution: A simple test is put both hands above your head and if the band rides up or moves in any way try a smaller back size. 
Back band too tight?
Make sure that your bra band sits comfortably and does not dig in either at the sides or the back – raise your arms, sit, stand to ensure that it is comfortable.
Solution: Try a larger back size if band hurts or leave indents in any way
Shoulder straps leaving indents?
The band of your bra should be giving you the most support, so it should fit firmly and snuggly if this is not happening the straps do the work of support and can cut into you.
Solution: Try a smaller back size if shoulder straps leaving indents.
Wires digging into the breasts?
The wire of your bra should fit snuggly encasing your breast but never laying on your breasts or spilling out of the sides or popping out of the bottom of the band.
Solution: Try a larger cup size if you find any of these problems
Breast bulging out of the cups?
Make sure that the breasts do not spill out of the cups or the sides of your bra and the top of the cup lays beautifully flat against your breast.
Solution: Try a larger cup size if there is any bulging

REMEMBER:  A well fitting bra will make your silhouette look beautiful, will make you stand up straight and give you confidence. Your clothes look more attractive and fit you much better. All really good reasons to make sure you are wearing a well fitted bra.


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