Friday, 13 November 2015


One of the most beautiful and softest materials on the planet has got to be SILK. It has a gorgeous sheen to it and is so comfortable and cool to the skin because it is breathable. Silk was first created thousands of years ago and is still a fabric that is highly sought after and considered to be the crème de la crème in lingerie. But I have a question for you guys how do you think this exquisite material is made?
I will let you into a little secret ........WORMS!! Yes you did read that right ....SILK WORMS!!!

Yes ladies, men and women love SILK! Silk ties, scarves, shirts and even suits for men and for ladies the most gorgeous dresses and number one favorite ... Lingerie! There is no other material more appealing and lavish than silk.
Despite all the different materials available to us today we still crave after the most luxurious material in the world even after thousands of years - SILK.
Legend has it that a Chinese princess was sipping tea in her garden when a cocoon fell into her cup, and the hot tea loosened the long strand of silk and this gave her the idea.
The story of silk begins thousands of years ago on the Silk Road a name that was given to the trail that silk was transported on and became the most important route for international trade. It was used to cross all countries and borders right into Europe and this route is still in use today but now transports many other products.

Let me explain how we come to wear our beautiful pure and sumptuous silk nightgowns etc.
Initially, the Chinese closely guarded their secret of making silk and the powers that be in China agreed that anyone who betrayed the secret of the silk worm and how silk was made would be subjected to torture until death!! But the secret was eventually smuggled out of China and the secret was out!!
Firstly our silk worms a type of caterpillar of the silk moth Bombyx mori are nurtured on farms and fed solely on the leaves of Mulberry trees. The nurturing of silkworms for the purpose of producing silk is called sericulture.

The silk worm then forms a curtain around itself known as a cocoon. This cocoon consists of silk filaments and it is at this stage that the cocoons are delivered to the farms and submerged in boiling water to release the strands so they can be formed into silk thread.
Once a strand has been located the rest of the silk filament comes off quite easily in one continuous thread. There needs to have up to 10 strands reeled together as it is too thin with just the one strand then these are shipped to various silk mills around the world.
When we see them again they have been used to create beautiful and luxury pieces of clothing and lingerie that has been shipped all over the world and that is worth millions of pounds today. With a growing demand for silk items this commodity has become a highly lucrative business and continues to be the most sought after material in the world which becomes more popular every year.

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