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I know I can hear you say ‘everything changes’ but one of the things that have really changed compared to yesteryear is our underwear and our attitude to our intimate apparel! Take for instance the corset it has not only changed in style but it has changed in job too!

In Katherine Medici’s day the wife of Henry II of France you were not allowed to attend court unless your waist was less than 15 inches so the corset literally reeled you in to that size!! Ouch! Hold your breath ladies!!
Let’s wind forward the clock a little to 1930s .....

It was recognised that corset manufacturers should pay much more attention to the shapes and sizes of women. They realised that the bust, waist and hip measurements of women varied and were important measurements that had to be considered. No longer could they depend on a woman’s bust or waist size alone.  As at this time sizing was worked out from casual measurements and popular sizes of women is it any wonder you could hear women complain every day that their corsets were killing them! In 1930 the corset was very much there to do a job and definitely not intimate apparel that should ever be seen!!

Wind forward even further to 1950s.....

Although the corset was certainly not a new invention in the 50s The Merry Widow corset changed our feelings about the corset forever! It conjured up wild thoughts and naughty ideas for that era! This was not just a strong support corset to hold everything in the right place, especially our wobbly bits and flatter the waist, oh no this was something never seen before! This was wild, sexy, forbidden and wicked and it was all the fault of the film The Merry Widow when the lovely Lana Turner spent most of her time in the film frolicking and dancing around in a sexy corset! This new piece of shocking and sexy underwear coincided with the film in 1952 by MGMs Musical Production ‘The Merry Widow’ and this sexy little black number of delicious black satin and lace was born two days after the first showing of the film in New York. The Merry Widow had gorgeous lace panels at the sides and had a zip closure at the back covered by a hook and eye fastening.

This was the turning point for women all over the world to become liberated in a new world of sexuality. This kind of openness had never been seen before and sent shock waves throughout the world. It caused a frenzy and proved to give an unparalleled incentive to women all over the world to rush out and buy a replica. This was a new era and helped to create the idea of sexy lingerie!
Times they are a-changing fast forward to today!!

Aubade Lingerie

Today the corset is worn to surprise and tantalise and is considered luxury lingerie! We now consider it an essential part of our bridal lingerie collection created in beautiful silks and lace with a cute matching garter and the traditional addition of blue flowers or other little adornment. Our Aubade ranges specialise in beautiful designer lingerie and the bridal lingerie is stunning!

Jane Woolrich Corset C66.1

Diki Jasmine Basque

Corsets now come with beads, crystals, ribbons and bows and in all sorts of materials including lace, satin and silk. They also come in all colours portraying a certain look for its wearer. Specialists like Jane Woolrich and Diki who create stunning corsets and show in all the fashion capitals of the world use Silk and intricate Lace within their made to measure lingerie ranges.

Corsets are now not just intimate apparel any longer as they are also now worn as outerwear!! This is quite often with a pair of our favourite jeans in the Summer or under a smart jacket with a skirt or tailored trousers for evening wear and do not look out of place at all. No-one even raises an eyebrow nowadays although can you imagine the looks of disbelief on the faces of the ladies in1950 not to mention Katherine De Medici!!

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