Monday, 26 September 2016

This set from Aubade is so wickedly cheeky you will love our new range Jardin Des Delices in Pandore!


With its stylistic audacity, its penchant for communication and its innovations, the brand helps women to fully appropriate their power of seduction. For women, the world over Aubade designer lingerie enhances your curves in a natural and beautiful way. Romantic, provocative, delicate and audacious, are words that have become synonymous with Aubade..

It is the unique detailing on each piece that makes Aubade lingerie so special and you will love the fit which is so comfy!  It’s fine when you look good but it is essential to feel comfortable! 
Today we introduce to you the new range Jardin Des Delices in Pandore a beautiful and deep Marsala burgundy colour that is perfect for the new Autumn/Winter collection.

Aubade Jardin Des Delices Half Cup Bra

Pandore Pandora’s box opens and bestows its marsala burgundy colour on the must-have Jardin Des Délices range from Aubade.This gorgeous bra features a stunning embroidered braid over rigid voile and the completely adjustable flat double spaghetti straps offer perfect comfort. The rich Korean embroidery is beautifully enhanced in extremely on-trend burgundy on this stunning Half Cup Bra.

There are also three styles of brief which matches stunningly with the bra and we have chosen the Italian as it has really beautiful lace with a cute criss cross and cut out at the back.

This beautiful Italian brief is created in cheeky spot-printed tulle at the front. The sides and derriere are adorned in exquisite embroidery with the top of the back in beautiful spot printed tulle. It also features the cheekiest peep hole cut out completed by a criss cross Korean knot detailing to the small of the back. They feature a high cut style over the thighs and are so comfy to wear and look fabulous!

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