Monday, 5 December 2016


They do say that there is nothing new in this world well I have to disagree because if you have not experienced this new sensation (in every way) you have not discovered the Bracli & G Pearl Thong! As soon as you put the Bracli Pearl thong on you KNOW you are wearing it! 

This particular Bracli & G Pearl Thong has a deliciously hidden secret it can be disconnected from the garment at the back whilst still being attached to the front, tied into a sexy cluster at the end and inserted into the lucky wearer and the rest, as they say, is up to you! 

After this little teaser of an explanation I am sure you have worked out what the G stands for when we talk about this gorgeous piece of VERY intimate and sexy lingerie! It comes in Colours Black or White so is even perfect for that ultra surprise on your wedding night!

It was created by Luis Alvarez who first designed the sexy lingerie but it was only when the pearl thong reached America did it spiral towards being a luxury lingerie item that was on the wish list of hundreds of women around the world! It was used on the hit TV series Sex and the City and appeared in episode 69 on 4th August 2002 and thus the name of Bracli Lingerie was forever immortalized Worldwide! 

Each piece of Bracli Lingerie is hand-made in Asturias, Spain, from very soft-stretch French lace and is adorned with Mallorcan pearls. These are pearls that are specially cultured in the Baleric Islands using a process that remains TOP SECRET

This gorgeous bra is the perfect match to the Bracli & G Thong. This bra is so versatile you can tie the bow at the back or the front to suit your mood and you can also change the shape of straps by the two rings of deliciously sexy pearls! So you can wear different looks to suit your style and mood! It has sheer lace triangular cups and has a gorgeous sexy pearl strand at the back. This fits A to DD cup sizes so there is no problem with fit.

This is an exciting addition to the classic pearl thong the newest design by Bracli! This is like the classic pearl thong but with a really sexy twist! If you undo the ribbon at the back this Bracli thong turns into an exciting sexy experience! This is ultra extreme sexy lingerie!

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