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Every bride dreams of a fabulously romantic and perfect wedding day and honemoon. She wants to remember that day all through her life and dreams of remembering it as one of the most beautiful and special days of her life. She wants to relive and share all the pictures over, and over again until they are worn, and still picture herself walking down the aisle with all the smiling faces looking at the bride with joyful approval. She will live memories of that unforgettable day over and over again and tell fascinating stories to her own children and, when they come along, her grand children. What a joy to remember all the aunties and uncles, grandmas and grandads, mums and dads and friends that she has known forever that were present at one of the most important days of her life!
However some of the memories she may not want to share with others but keep her secrets of her exciting and romantic night with the man she loves as something for her to treasure.

A woman’s bridal lingerie collection is very special and is very carefully chosen by the bride to be, it is a very important job and needs to be absolutely perfect just like her stunning and romantic wedding dress that she has chosen.
To ensure that your special night is just as exciting and amazing as your special day we have chosen some special bridal lingerie to give you a taste of our sumptuous ranges from deliciously sexy to stunningly elegant and everything in between.

Gracya Jonquil suspender belt bridal

A very glamorous, delicate balconette Bra. The cup edges are decorated with foliage embroidery and tiny Swarovski crystals. Supportive boning at the wings and silicone strap under the bust provides a great shape. Adjustable and removable straps. Removable pads included. An absolute must have in your bridal collection.


This long nightdress is truly romantic it is created in pure silk and is adorned in beautiful lace and a flowing back cut low leads into a gorgeous chiffon godet. It features a full satin skirt there is also stunning lace criss cross detailing which finishes at the lower back, very provocative and classy.. This is such a romantic nightdress coupled with style and more than a touch of glamour.

Liliana Casanova Cheverny Nightdress

The beautiful Cheverny silk nightdress has a garthered bust to give shape as well as a beautiful band of calais lace sweeping across the body to the side which ends at the hem of the skirt. It also features the same lavish lace band across the back joining the hem at the bottom. The back is low cut with completely adjustable silk shoe string straps. The intricate detailing of this nightdress is exquisite and is so beautiful and dreamy it brings romance back with a really sensual twist.

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