Friday, 19 February 2016


YES! He has popped that oh so very special question that question you have been longing to hear and dreaming of and now the day has come. He has actually asked ‘Will you marry me? And you have answered in a second ‘YES!!

The fairytale of you and your beloved is nearly complete. It may be going through your mind, no doubt, of the day you first met what you first thought of him?  May be you will have a little giggle to yourself as when you first got to know him you may not have even thought you would like him! But now it’s really happened and you have fallen head over heels and are soon to be his wife. The romance, ah, the romance, you are so in love!

You will remember the day when he asked for your hand forever, you will remember where you were, who was there, if it was only the two of you or may be in a quiet little spot away from prying eyes and only you two existed at that moment.

You will never forget that special day when you walk down the aisle and see him stood there waiting. You take your time and drink in all the smiling faces and looks of delightful approval.  Or you enter the room together avidly waiting for the ceremony to begin. Excitement, happiness, just following your heart and not really caring whether it is raining, sunny or the sky is going to fall, as you are where you should be next to your man and nothing but nothing can spoil your day.

Evey bride dreams of a beautiful wedding complete with flowers and cake,  and most importantly the most perfect and romantic honeymoon! You will remember every single detail about that day all of your life even though you may feel that you are in a dream. You will relive every minute of the day and tell fascinating stories to your children and grand children many many times over. You will look through the pictures until they are worn and still picture yourself walking down the aisle on one of the most special days of your life.
You remember the flowers, the wedding dress you may keep it hung up just as it was worn that day.  However some of the memories you may not want to share with others but keep the secret of your exciting and romantic night with the man you love as something for you to treasure forever!. 

A woman’s bridal lingerie collection is very special and is very carefully chosen by the bride to be, you have a very important job as your lingerie needs to be absolutely perfect just like your stunning and romantic wedding dress that you have chosen.
To ensure that your special night is just as exciting and amazing as your special day we have chosen some special bridal lingerie from our gorgeous new French brand Aubade which is world famous.
Aubade uses the famous Leavers lace as it is an integral part of French heritage, a rare and precious heritage that the brand continues to showcase in each of its collections. Aubade embroideries are exclusively developed for the brand including Guipure which is without backing, sewn on to dissolvable paper and soaked in a special substance, the paper then dissolves, leaving behind only the fine embroidery, called Guipure. This embroidery adorns a lot of Aubade’s lingerie

Below is just a small snap shot of one of our beautiful bridal ranges Camee Sutra from Aubade which is so aptly named as in English it means Kama Sutra referring to the most famous book which professes to have within its pages everything you need to know about love!!

Aubade Lingerie Basque

This romantic and seductive wedding line in Nacre Pearl colour is inspired by antique lace and embroidery work with a rich and sumptuous blend of braid and a lace width with a delicate guipure motif.
This stunning Basque is created in lace and tulle with a cute small satin bow centred at the stomach. It features beautiful lace braid cups and a small satin bow between the cups. It has removable straps with a bow at the top of each one and has 4 stays in tull and lace. It is made from Strong Lycra at the back with a sexy wide opening and four removable suspenders. This is a gorgeous basque which will complete your look perfectly.

This beautiful bra is perfect for your wedding day the cups and the front underband are decorated with beautiful lace braid. There is a cute and sexy guipure motif between the cups and also at the back with silicone strips to ensure that there is no slip and as the straps are completely adjustable and removable this stunning bra is perfect for your bridal dress even if it is strapless and you will know that your bra will stay put. A small satin bow on each strap completes this gorgeous look.

Aubade Waist Clincher

This deliciously sexy waist cincher is created in lace and tulle enhanced by a small bow on the front and guipure motif. It has a strong lycra back with fastenings from top to hem so there will be no slip. It features 4 stays and a small satin bow at the top of each removable suspender. This is a gorgeous waist cincher and will complete your look perfectly.

Aubade Brief

This gorgeous brief features a wide lace front with a cute small satin bow. This brief also features a mischievous sexy V shaped opening at the back of the derriere with satin ribbon and guipure motif for fun and playtime!   It is perfect for your wedding lingerie collection and is decorated with beautiful lace braid.

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