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Yes ladies I am talking about our bras! Really important lots to choose from, I am sure you have noticed, and they are available in every size, colour and more importantly shape and style!
Why is your bra so important I hear you ask? Because it can truly make or break your whole outfit or look!
So taking all the above into consideration how do we choose the right one? 

It seems strange that it is the most important piece of our underwear as a woman and yet since the birth of the bra some of us have still not got it quite right! We are still trying to keep our breasts under control not really understanding what they need.
Your breast shape certainly helps to decide whether your bra fits snug.  Even if it is the right size the style of bra really matters and must compliment our breast shape.
Let me explain some of the  different types of bra there are and also what they can do for you!

Full Cup
The full cup bra is designed to support the whole of the breast and is great for us ladies who have a fuller bust. The straps on these bras are positioned more towards the centre of the cup which reduces the chance of them slipping off the shoulder (which is really annoying as you spend most of the time hitching them up!). This bra is suitable for ladies with breasts that are fuller on the bottom a full cup bra may be the perfect one for you as it will help to shape your breast and give you full support.  

Minimiser Bra
A minimiser bra reduces the fullness of the bust as it compresses and reshapes to make the breasts look smaller. This is done by diverting the breasts down towards the underarm helping the breasts look one or two sizes smaller. The only drawback to this bra is as it fits differently to a normal bra it can be difficult to find the correct size for you. 

Balconette Bra
This bra style got its name it is claimed from when a man looked down from the balcony of a theatre as the bra was not seen only the breast. The balconette bra lifts the breasts to accentuate their look and  is usually padded to enhance the bust size. The bra straps are set wider than other styles of bra to show a wider amount of the breasts. 

Moulded Bra
These bras give your breasts a good full and rounded shape perfect for Tees etc. However the problem you can encounter with this type of pre-formed bra is if the breast does not fit perfectly inside the shape it may pucker which will not be a good look especially after continuous washing. 

Push-Up Bra
A push up bra is designed to give your breasts a fuller look by pushing the breasts upwards.  Most of the designs have wider set straps to direct the breast towards the centre giving you more cleavage. The padding is an oval shape or an L shape or a removable insert which can be gel, foam or even water! 

Strapless Bra
The strapless bra or bandeau has no bra straps hence the name. The construction for this bra is a little different to your regular bra due to it needing to be able to shape and hold your breasts without regular straps. These bras normally have silicone strips both at the top of the cups and at the under-band. It has longer underwiring which envelop more of the breast and is usually padded with shaping panels and can have boning.

Plunge Cup
The plunge cup bra also known as the U plunge is designed with angle cups and an open lower centre frontage. Also the shoulder straps are set wide apart so that the breasts sit together enhancing the breasts so they look fuller.  This bra is not as padded as the push-up. 

The Seamed Bra
The seamed bra is also known as a cut and sew bra and can have up to 4 pieces making up each cup. The more seams the more support the bra gives. It is also known as a 3 or 4 part cup depending how many pieces the bra cups are made up from.  The only drawback to this bra is the seams may show through some clothing.

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