Thursday, 10 March 2016

So who is the Merry Widow

So who is the Merry Widow ........ is she someone who since her husband passed away she is partying all night and getting down with the kids?? Surely not I hear you say!

Err No! Definitely not!!

She is actually a corselet by Warner’s that was padded, strapless and had very sexy suspenders. In 1952 coinciding with the MGMs Musical Production ‘The Merry Widow’ a sexy little black number of delicious black satin and lace was born two days after the first showing of the film in New York.

Although it is believed this was not the same one as appeared in the film it sent shivers of expectation down men’s spines and caused a ruckus with the ladies.
The beautiful Leading Lady Lana Turner and Leading Man Fernando Lamas proved to give an unparalleled incentive to women all over the world to rush out and buy a replica.  The lovely Lana seemed to spend most of the time frolicking around the boudoir or dancing excitedly showing her ample curves and long legs in those heady days of sexual inhibitions.

Warner’s Merry Widow certainly captured the imagination of the masses as well as the essence of the Film. The corselet had gorgeous lace panels at the sides and had a zip closure at the back covered by a hook and eye fastening.
Although the corset was not a new invention in the 50s The Merry Widow conjured up wild thoughts and naughty ideas for that era! This was not just a strong support corset to hold everything in and flatter the waist, oh no this was something never seen before this was wild, sexy, forbidden and wicked!!
This was the turning point for women all over the world to become liberated in a new world of sexuality that had never been seen before.
Nowadays this is an essential item to superstars, to help them come across as sexy and strong,  made by famous Designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier with Madonna when she starred in her 1990 Blonde Ambition Tour or Lady Gaga.

In our modern world it is now quite normal to wear underwear as outer wear! On warm evenings many a girl goes out in a well fitted pair of trousers or jeans and dons her favourite corset/bustier or little silk camisole top. These days no-one even blinks an eyelid but in 1952 Lana caused an absolute storm!!

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