Thursday, 3 March 2016


There are many special tape measures that tell us if we are a 32B or 34C and calculators on the internet that calculate our bust size. You can also have the really chatty lady (sometimes) at a store that will measure your bust for you and tell you what she thinks your size is. I have been into three different lingerie shops and been quoted three different sizes!!. Which I am sure we have all experienced.

However the problem with such a basic regime is that there are so many other factors that need to be considered to ensure our choice of intimate apparel fits perfectly!  Because ladies just as all our shapes of body are different and even our fingers and toes are different shapes and sizes, so are our breasts! 

Your breast shape certainly helps to decide whether your bra fits snug.  Even if it is the right size the style of bra really matters and must compliment our breast shape.

There are many shapes of breasts - if your breast is fuller at the top this could cause your bra to dig into you and make your breasts appear to be falling out! But I have always worn this size I hear you cry so why have I suddenly got a problem? The simple answer is your bra may not be the wrong size it could be that your bra style is wrong for the shape of your breasts! In this case why not try one with lace addition to the top of the bra which is usually more forgiving or a lower cut shape. You could also try a larger cup size if you have really fallen in love with ‘that’ beautiful bra.

Believe me ladies there is nothing worse than seeing double boobs on both sides!! It is definitely not a good look!! 

If you have breasts that are fuller on the bottom a full cup bra may be the perfect one for you, however again you may need to try a size up. 

How do we work out what shape of breasts we have?
The easiest way is to stand without your bra in front of a mirror, full length if possible, and look at yourself!  Ask yourself where is the fullest part of my breast?  Then start experimenting with your bra shapes. Don’t think that you need to stick to the size you have always worn for years, you don’t! In fact that is the worst thing that you can do as through having our children, dieting and any illness, all these stages in our life alters not just our weight on the weighing scales but also the size and shape of our breasts. 

Nowadays there are so many types of bra to choose from offering different materials (some more stretchy than others) shapes and styles. 

Don’t be afraid of experimenting you learn so much and there are many bras that will fit you perfectly, I promise.  You may be surprised that although you had never thought of wearing a particular style of bra it really suits you and you love it! You just have to experiment, don’t choose the first one because you have always worn that size or shape.

But above all remember – breasts matter, not just the size but the shape is important too!


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